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Domain Emails

Complete your online branding with custom domain emails for members of your team.


Custom Domain Emails


Your online branding is not complete if you do not have custom domain email addresses for your company.

It looks better, more professional, consistent and your potential clients tend to take you more seriously if you have a email address as opposed to a Gmail, Yahoo mail e.t.c.

Having custom domain emails also keeps your company organized because aside from having personalized prefixes (,, you can also have role-based emails (, for every department in your company.

Its easier to recollect the email address of your marketing department if it is as opposed to a generic email address.


The beauty of domain email addresses is that you can have as much as possible and with admin rights, you can control all email addresses from the dashboard. Having admin rights means you can change user permissions, change user access levels and many other administrative features.


At House16, part of what we do is helping our clients set up custom email addresses for their organization. Getting a domain address is half the journey, we help our clients go the entire way by advising and setting up custom domain emails for as many team members as they require.


Setting up custom domain emails can be quite tasking and if not done right, you risk having your emails stuck in limbo and not reaching the right recipient. Also, there are so many options for custom domain email providers and our job is to advise you on the best and most suitable out of the available options.


Custom Domain Email Options


Here are some of our recommended custom domain email provider. Some of these options are free upto a certain amount of emails and anything beyond that will be paid for. Others like G Suite is a paid service.


  1. Zoho Mail
  2. G Suite
  3. Greatmail
  4. ProtonMail
  5. Fastmail