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Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for search engines. Gain maximum exposure.


Search Engine Optimization


What’s the point of having an online page when no one can see it?

You need traffic directed to your website. Not just traffic from people you’ve shared your web address with but traffic from strangers on the internet who landed on your page through an organic search.

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of your online marketing.

If you operate your business online, you will need to optimize your website for search engines.

The value of search engine optimization is often overlooked even though based on statistics, 51% of all website traffic will come from organic search. This is huge because social platforms account for only 5% and the rest from other channels.

Looking at these numbers, it will be unwise for a company whose business operations are based online to overlook the importance of search engine optimization.

Having a properly optimized website is an asset to any company.

At House16, We will give you a detailed analysis of your website and advise you on how we will optimize for search engines

We will analyze your meta tags, research keywords, build links, advise you on how to create content for search engines, e.t.c. Our goal is to help you achieve a higher ranking in search engines.

Keep in mind that achieving a higher ranking in search engines does not mean you automatically appear on the first page of search engines. There are a lot of factors that determine if you will be ranked on the first page of search engines. The time it takes to rank on page 1 can be anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. This is why Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process and should be done throughout the lifetime of your website.