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Web Design and Development

Your web presence is your digital asset. Invest in it with the right team.

Web Design and Development

If you’re serious about your online presence, developing a website is the next step you should take.
You want a website that does not only look good but is functional and can convert visitors into clients.
You go to google to look for a web development solution and you are bombarded with a lot of DIY web development platforms.
Developing a website by yourself can be a very daunting task especially if you are not familiar with the technicalities of how a website runs.
You might be at that stage right now where you think its easier to develop a website yourself but it might actually be more difficult and time-consuming

At House16, we want to take that stress off your shoulders by developing custom, efficient solutions for your web needs.
We are the creative agency that says YES to your ideas. Our expertise is crafting custom websites.


Our Process


1. The Pitch

This is where you tell us about that super awesome website you want to build and after brainstorming with our team of super developers, we tell you how we can bring your idea to life.
We schedule meetings (In preferably one of the lovely coffee shops in Lagos or wherever is convenient for both parties). We lend you our ears and you can further discuss your goals and objectives for your new website.


2. Build/Design

When both parties are satisfied with the idea, we let you sit back and cross your legs while we do all the work required to bring your vision to life. We take into consideration User Experience and functionality when we build our websites.


3. Revise

After the build, we present the project to you and we listen attentively to your concerns (if any). We offer limited revisions to the project and once all your concerns have been taken care of, we get ready to launch.


4. Launch

We upload your new, modern and functional website to your domain and now, you can be more confident about your online presence.


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