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Web Hosting

Let us help you choose the right hosting solution to connect you to your online audience.

Web Hosting


For your website to successfully connect to the internet, your website content will have to be hosted on an external server. This process is what is referred to as Web Hosting.

For something relatively simple, Web Hosting can easily be done wrong. This is because you are faced with a lot of options to host your website on.

You want to host your website with a web hosting company that has a good reputation so as to avoid issues like, constant downtime of your website, the speed of your website not fast enough compared to other websites.

Web Hosting rates vary from host to host and it depends on the packages being offered by the host company. Web Hosting rates can be anywhere from $10 to $60. If your website requires a dedicated server, web hosting rates will be much higher.

If you are hosting a single website, the rate will be much less than if you were hosting multiple sites.

Luckily for you, we deal with web hosts all the time and we can provide comprehensive information on where to host your website based on the requirement of your website.

We will find the right host for you and you won’t have to worry about throwing money at a web hosting company and getting less than reliable service.


Some of the Web Hosting Companies we recommend

  1. godaddy.com
  2. siteground.com
  3. whogohost.com
  4. bluehost.com
  5. hostgator.com