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Wordpress Development

Take advantage of Wordpress CMS to control your online content.


WordPress Development


Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) gives you access to its powerful features. WordPress is a great platform to build dynamic websites.

A Dynamic Website is a website whose content changes frequently. If you want to build a static website – i.e a website whose content will remain the same throughout the lifetime of the website- you can choose not to use WordPress.

If you want to develop a website where you constantly have to update the content, add/remove pages, manage images e.t.c. It is advisable to use WordPress.

Why WordPress?


  1. WordPress gives you access to tons of plugins that makes development less stressful and more manageable. Most of these plugins are offered free for all users with the exception of a few.
  2. WordPress makes it easy to control content on a website. You can add/remove pages with ease, develop and manage your website with ease.
  3. WordPress requires very minimal programming knowledge. WordPress relies on the PHP programming language but it comes with numerous options for themes which have been pre-coded.
  4. WordPress themes allow you to easily develop and launch a website that looks professional. There are tons of free WordPress themes with varying looks and style that you can choose from. There are WordPress themes for any type of website, from corporate websites to portfolio websites.
  5. WordPress allows for easy customization. WordPress has a simple and straight-forward user interface and with the help of plugins, you can literally drag and drop elements within your web page.
  6. WordPress is open source and has a great online support community.


So Why Hire A WordPress Developer?


If you are a stranger to programming languages, WordPress can be quite daunting.

Although there are thousands of themes to choose from, you will still be required to customize your theme to suit the website you’re trying to develop.

It is very rare for a user to install a WordPress theme and have no need to customize. This is because, there are things you will have to change to suit your website e.g colors, typography, properties of elements, e.t.c.

With that being said, for a user with little or no programming knowledge, it will be difficult to figure out where to start from.

Also, if you decide to develop on your own and halfway through the project you realize that you will need a developer, it will cost more to hire one simply because the developer has to undo what you have done and start over.


We can build a custom WordPress theme

One way we can be of service is by building a custom WordPress theme from scratch. We will completely customize your website from start to finish taking all your requirements into consideration.

Everything from navigation to the contact page will be built completely from scratch. This gives us complete control of the project and we can build to taste.


We can customize a pre-developed WordPress theme

If you have already purchased a WordPress theme and will require professional customization, we can also help with that.

We can edit your WordPress theme to suit your requirement. We can create as many dynamic pages as you want and we can also create custom styles to override the default theme styles.